Tradition and quality for generations

In summer 1897, two Löhne businessmen built an unusually large kiln for firing bricks on land belonging to the Schwagmeier family: the Dampfziegelei Tonwerk Wilhelmshöhe.

Due to the financial difficulties they experienced, the land and the plant were taken over shortly afterwards by Friedrich Schwagmeier, the great-grandfather of the present owner. He continued to produce bricks at the plant.

Up until 1960, bricks for building houses were produced during the frost-free months at the Wilhelmshöhe clay-works (apart from a shut-down during WW2). In 1960, Wilfried Schwagmeier built a drying facility which made it possible to manufacture all year round. In 1969 the ring kiln was replaced with a tunnel kiln, which makes the special KERAWIL firing process possible. In the 1980s, our company specialised in the manufacture of high-quality paving clinkers.

2020, long-standing partners have invested in the company, including IPLS AG based in Switzerland headed by Eugen Schamne. Friedrich Schwagmeier, who managed the company until 2018 in the fourth generation, is responsible for the operational business of KERAWIL.