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This brochure is aimed particularly at architects, tendering departments and those working in garden construction and landscaping. It contains information on the design and making of paving clinkers, and on designing paved brick areas.

Texts for tenders
DIN EN 1344/DIN 18503 information sheet

The information sheet compares the new and applicable standard DIN EN 1344 for paving bricks with the previous DIN 18503 for paving clinkers, and explains the individual requirements of DIN EN 1344.

Original paving clinkers - proven quality

Kerawil gives a commitment that it will respect the values required for the quality seal, through constant and independent monitoring.

KERAWIL paving clinkers - proven quality

Tips on laying

The critical factor for the quality of the paved brickwork, and especially the stability of the bricks, is the quality of the underlying layers of the superstructure and substructure, as well as expert laying.

More information is available from:

Dutch bricks have a variety of uses.

For common situations - house set back to the side, garage or carport - we have put together suggested designs using paving clinkers. The second series covers the standard situation of terrace and garden. Form your own impression of the adaptability of paving clinkers.

Garage or carport

Terrace and garden